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The 101 on Rosé wines


It’s hard to miss a Rosé wine. This refreshing pink wine is a summer favourite with its fruity flavours, ranging from strawberry to cherry and raspberry.  It can be still, semi-sparkling or a full sparkling wine.

By ricciofix
The pink colour of Rosé make these wines hard to miss.

Still Rosé wine should be served slightly chilled, around 10oC. Sweet and sparkling Rosé wine should be served well-chilled, between 6oC to 8oC.  Refrigerators like the Electrolux ETB4407SD come with a wine rack that provides optimum storage and a multi-airflow system ensures consistent storage temperatures for your wines. Serve still Rosé wines in a medium-size glass, but sparkling ones in a champagne flute.


Here are some types of Rosé wine:


Grenache Rosé

A fruity Rosé with a brilliant ruby red hue. Has notes of ripe strawberry, orange, hibiscus and sometimes with a hint of allspice. Grenache Rosés have moderately high acidity, with quite a bit of colour and body. It should be served chilled.


Sangiovese Rosé

A bright copper red Rosé that sparkles in the light. Has notes of fresh strawberries, green melon, roses and yellow peach. Serve cold in a white wine glass.


Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé

This Rosé has a deep ruby red colour with red wine-like flavours of green bell pepper, cherry sauce, black currant and pepper spice.


Zinfandel Rosé

One of the most popular Rosé wines. Sweet ‘white’ Zinfandels are made in an ‘off-dry’ style with about three to five grams of residual sugar. You can taste notes of strawberry, cotton candy, lemon and green melon with moderately high acidity. Serve it ice cold.


Tavel Rosé

By jean-louis Zimmermann
Tavel Rosé wines can have up to nine grape varieties in them.

This is an unusually dry Rosé with more body and structure than most pink wines.  Up to nine grape varieties are allowed in the blend. Usually high in alcohol and low in acidity, this salmon-pink wine ages well, with its notes of summer fruits turning into rich, nutty notes over time.


Pinot Noir Rosé

Pinot Noir is intolerant of any type of extreme weather and is considered sensitive and temperamental. At its best, it’s a great cool, crisp and dry glass of wine which is at once both earthy and elegant. In rosé, Pinot Noir delivers bright acidity and soft, subtle aromas of crabapple, watermelon, raspberries, strawberries, and wet stone.

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