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Four hangover cures from around the world

If there’s any time in the year to indulge, it’s celebrating the start of a new one. Fortunately, a variety of delicious hangover cures have been discovered around the world.   Miso soup While a bowl of Miso soup is probably welcome at any meal, it can be especially appreciated for its ability to chase […]

The quick guide to common mushroom varieties

With their earthy, delicate flavour and surprisingly meaty texture, mushrooms have been considered a delicacy since ancient times. Many varieties of mushroom are grown on farms, but some types simply cannot be cultivated outside of their natural habitats.

Creating a unique condiment selection for your home

There’s no need to stick to just ketchup and mustard these days. With so many options beyond the traditional, try dabbling with these international toppings to instantly jazz up any soiree.

Turkey alternatives for a unique Christmas meal

Thinking about having something other than the usual roast turkey for Christmas this year? Whether you’re ready for a change or your invited guests have all suddenly announced their new veggie diet, there are many suitable alternatives for the main dish at dinner time.

Choosing the right black dress for New Year’s Eve

There’s no better time to break out the timeless ‘little black dress’ than at a New Year’s Eve party. The right dress can be sexy, elegant or demure. Either way, this is the dress that effortlessly indicates that the night is something special.

Dinner table decorations for the holiday season

No matter where you are, seasonality plays its part across all aspects of entertaining. In-season ingredients make their way into your meals, as well as when it comes to putting together tablescapes for your party.

Making a meal of simple soups

Whether you’re juggling a full-time job, a busy family, or hectic schedule, sometimes there’s just not enough time to prep for dinner. For a last minute dinner, nothing beats a hearty soup. But that doesn’t mean the meal has to be drab.

Five deliciously vegetarian dishes for Christmas dinner

Have a vegetarian guest coming over for Christmas? Try these vegetarian twists on delicious staples and who knows; even the meat lovers will be happy – if not coming back for seconds.

Think outside the can with these cranberry ideas

Cranberries are a common sight on Christmas dinner tables, but they don’t always have to come in the form of a sauce. If you’re looking for new ways to use cranberries, here are some creative ideas for everything from snacks to dinner time.

Creating flexibility in your floor plan

Gone are the days when building a new home meant being locked into a layout. Today’s trending designs let you repurpose rooms depending on your needs. You can have a “new home” without having to move.