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The quick guide to hosting your first Christmas dinner


Hosting your first Christmas dinner for the family?  If you happen to have a large one, it might be worthwhile to start your preparation early and rope in some help as well.


Figure out the logistics

Get a handle on the number of guests early. You might even be able to get them to contribute, especially if they happen to want a particular dish on the table.  How about seating, tableware and utensils?  You might have to start shopping early or borrow from friends or neighbours if you have to.


Plan the food around your kitchen

Understand what your kitchen can or cannot do. Take stock of your cooking appliances and plan accordingly. Don’t create multiple baked dishes if you only have one small oven.

Induction hobs with large cooking zones enable you to cook big batches of food with larger cookware.

Appliances that can handle cooking in large batches can be useful.  Ovens like the Electrolux Inspiration range have a large capacity of up to 74L for cooking several trays of food at once, while induction hobs like the Electrolux EHH6332FOK have extra-large cooking zones for preparing food in large cookware.

Remember that it’s about the company that’s coming over so do your best to serve family favourites. Go for things everyone is familiar with, this is not a time for surprises.


Write it all down

Once you’ve figured out the menu, write down a list of steps to creating the dishes and keep it somewhere you can find easily later.  Do try to go shopping early and get a head start one or two days before the event.


Another advantage of maintaining a list is that it makes it easy to ask for help and delegate tasks. Your family will certainly not mind chipping in.


Decorate with a simple centrepiece

By digidreamgrafix
Keep the décor simple – it’s the company that’s important.


You don’t need to go crazy on the décor.  A simple table centrepiece will suffice.  Make one out of a bowl of ornaments and use gold, red and green for a traditional Christmas theme.  Or fill a nice bowl with fruit, surrounded by candles for an even easier, fuss-free option.

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