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Five deliciously vegetarian dishes for Christmas dinner


Have a vegetarian guest coming over for Christmas?  Try these vegetarian twists on delicious staples and who knows; even the meat lovers will be happy – if not coming back for seconds.


These dishes can all be prepared with an oven, which means they can be easily slotted into your cooking schedule. Large capacity ovens like the 74L Electrolux Inspiration oven makes it easy to prepare several trays of food at once, with its UltraFanPlus convection function ensuring even cooking no matter where the food is placed.


Cauliflower gratin

By Susan Fllson
Make a classic vegan variation on mac and cheese with a cauliflower gratin.

This popular and easy to cook dish is a twist on classic mac and cheese, using big chunks of cauliflower covered with a cheesy bechamel sauce.


You can use other types of vegetables in the gratin such as carrots or other root vegetables but cauliflower works particularly well with the bread crumbs that are baked on top.


Vegetarian cassoulet

By Pearl Pirie
A cassoulet or slow-cooked casserole can be made with fresh seasonal produce for a delicious vegan Christmas dish.

A cassoulet or slow-cooked casserole can be made with fresh seasonal produce such as butternut squash, leeks and beans in an oven or in a slow cooker. Being vegan, it also leaves you feeling less guilty about dessert.


Mushroom, butternut squash and Gruyere tart

A twist on a pizza, the three key ingredients in this recipe, mushrooms, butternut squash and cheese, combine to create a dish that is filling, particularly when they are spread over pastry. This tart is cut into squares for serving as an extra entrée or appetiser.


Apple cider brussels sprouts

You don’t always have to boil your brussels sprouts. Spice up yours with a fruity twist. Roast them in the oven, then cook apple juice and maple syrup over medium heat on the hob. Simmer the mixture until it reduces to a syrup-like consistency, then drizzle over the brussels sprouts and dust with cinnamon powder.


Lentil and sweet potato shepherd’s pie

A traditional staple dish, it’s not uncommon to find shephard’s pie on the dinner table come Christmas. Swap the meat out for lentils and vegetables and to give it extra nutrition and flavour, top with a sweet potato mash. This dish is lower in fat and higher in protein, fibre, and nutrients than the original.

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