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Think outside the can with these cranberry ideas


Cranberries are a common sight on Christmas dinner tables, but they don’t always have to come in the form of a sauce. If you’re looking for new ways to use cranberries, here are some creative ideas for everything from snacks to dinner time.


Incorporate unexpected ingredients


By Livelovelux.com
Add cranberries to a braise or roast to balance the richness of meat dishes.

When cooking with cranberries, look at adding in some less common ingredients. Cranberries and granola is a match made in heaven, but using olive oil makes the mix a little more distinctive and pleasantly savoury. You can also add sage to create a savoury note to a cranberry pie.


Make sweets

Refresh your sweets with cranberries. Cranberries can be made into jams using blenders like the Electrolux Strauss, whose TruFlow blades can help to remove any unwanted chunks from the resulting blended fruit. The jam can then be used as fillings in jelly donuts or spread over biscuits for a quick snack.

By Lori L. Stalteri

Add cranberries to chocolate bark to give it a Christmas flavour.


Or you can use them in making chocolate bark – a common Christmas treat – for the holidays. Simply add them to the chocolate while it’s still in its liquid state.


Use them in breakfast

Granola and muffins have had their share of love affairs with cranberries, but they can be used in muesli and bread too. And if for some reason you’re not in the mood for cake for breakfast, try adding cranberries to overnight oats instead.


Liven up your drinks

Let cranberry juice grow up. Put it in a Holiday Sparkler with Cava, mint, and triple sec for the perfect wintertime punch, or pair it with pomegranate juice and rosemary for a slightly tamer concoction. If you want to go all out, garnish both with candied cranberry to give them a smart holiday look.


Add them to roasts

You’d expect to see cranberries in your pies, but maybe not in your dinner. Next time you put a braise in the oven, add some cranberries — fresh or dried, the tart berries help to balance out all of the richness in a braised meat dish. They play especially well with slow-cooked turkey and savoury lamb shanks cooked with wine

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