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Making dinner parties work for your boss



In a moment of unbridled zeal, you may have accidentally invited your boss over for dinner. But that doesn’t mean the evening is destined to be a nerve-wracking disaster. Cover these bases and they might be so impressed with your hosting skills that you get that promotion.

Boss Dinner


Having your boss over for dinner need not be a nerve-wracking affair.



Clean and declutter



The Ergorapido 2-in-1 vacuum is ideal for last minute cleaning.


Left some items lying around or haven’t dusted in a while? Be sure to clean up before your boss arrives, lest how you live be taken as an indictment on your working style. Having vacuums like the Ergorapido 2-in-1 is handy for ad hoc cleaning, and its detachable hand vacuum ensures that you can dust off any surface.


Know any dietary restrictions

There’s nothing worse than serving lasagna and garlic bread only to find out your boss is vegan and doesn’t eat carbs. Get the dish on their dietary preferences before you plan your menu.


Stick to what you know

This is not the night to experiment with complex dishes or try your hand at new desserts. Stick to dishes you know you can cook successfully. If that list only includes eggs and instant noodles, there’s no shame in ordering in from a good eatery.


Set out a nice tablescape

Think cool and classy, rather than all-out elegance — you want to impress without coming off as a try-hard.  Keep it elegantly simple with a nice tablescape.


Skip hot button topics

Treat your dinner like a first date — skip hot button topics like politics, religion, work talk as well as water cooler gossip. You want interesting conversation, not angry debates or negative chatter.


Don’t make it about yourself

Don’t hog the spotlight with details about your own life. Instead, take this opportunity to get to know your boss. Nervous about what to ask? Go over a few basic questions with your hubby before she arrives.


Regulate your alcohol intake

Calming your nerves with a few glasses of wine is okay. Getting sloppy and slurry in front of your boss is not. Stick to a limit of two alcoholic drinks and save yourself from any potential embarrassment.


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