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Arranging the right seating for a successful dinner party


You spend a lot of time assembling the perfect mix of people for a dinner party, but somehow the conversation just doesn’t quite get where you’d like it to. Why?

Proper seating of guests can help to keep a dinner party lively.

When hosting a party, consider doing a seating arrangement. Although it may seem a tad formal, especially for smaller gatherings, people actually like having the confusion of sitting down at the table eliminated. It also shows that you’ve given the group dynamics some thought. Figuring out who will work best with whom is not always easy, but there are a few simple guidelines you can follow.


Spread out the entertainers

Some people have the ability to entertain a crowd of people anywhere, while others need some help to get started. A good rule is to spread your “entertainer types” out evenly across the table. They will help get the quieter ones into the conversation. But seat two of them too closely, and you may find them competing for attention. If you notice that someone has been left out of the conversation, pull them in by asking a direct question.


Don’t try to match-make – or separate

Never seat single people together just because they are single. Couples tend to sit down next to each other when given a choice. Instead, try seating them across from each other. The conversation will flow nicer this way, and the couple won’t feel like you’ve separated them.


Do it tapas style

By Helen T
Having tapas-style dishes can encourage more interaction amongst your guests. 

Serve food that encourages conversation and interaction. Having tapas-style food, or serving dishes family-style in the middle of the table is a great way to get your guests talking — preferably about the amazing meal you’ve put together.


Ovens like the Electrolux EOB2400AOX offers an extra-large InfiSpace design and has up to five shelf heights so you can easily cook different tapas-style dishes at once. Not serving them together? The oven’s Keep Warm function maintains a serving temperature while keeping the dish from drying out.


Make introductions

Finally, if the guests do not all know each other, make sure to introduce each person to the group, it will make your guests feel special and give everyone a general idea of who they’re spending the evening with. Also make sure to point out things that people may have in common, which will keep the conversation flowing and the gathering a sure success.

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