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Filling the new apartment with the right appliances


Just purchased a new home? Congratulations on becoming a homeowner, but now it’s time to fill it up with all the living essentials you’ll need. This includes appliances, which can cost a pretty penny, so think carefully about which ones you should get.


Figure out your needs

Live in the now, but plan for the future. Are you planning to have children? Will that small capacity washing machine and dryer fit with those plans? Do you entertain regularly?  Will you need an extra-large fridge with automatic ice makers?


No matter what you choose, there are three appliances every homeowner will likely find indispensable.


Washing Machine

If you’re looking to save on the electric and water bills, consider a small to mid-sized front loading machine. The Electrolux Time Manager range of 7kg washing machines can easily handle washing both your clothes and those of any additions to the family. The Time Manager Function also comes in handy with putting you in control of your own washing time to suit your daily activities.



Everyone needs to eat, and you are no exception. You’ll need a cool place to store your raw meats, produce, snacks and cold beverages. And if you have a penchant for delicate foods like cheese, you’ll be best off with refrigerators like the Electrolux ESE5608TA, which has a deli compartment for cheeses and cold cuts, a crisper with humidity control for fresh produce and spill-safe shelves that make the fridge easy to clean.


Cooking hob

You’ll also need to be able to cook your own meals. Consider hobs like the Electrolux Flexi, whose Blue Power Flame offers faster boiling time and stir-fries while saving on gas consumption and time. If you usually prepare delicate sauces or soups, consider induction hobs like the Electrolux EHEC65BS, with its easy to use superior heat controls that ensure precise and consistent cooking temperatures every time.

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