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Four tips for an easier DIY confinement


The confinement period after pregnancy is a tradition that has deep roots in many Asian cultures. The first 30 to 40 days after giving birth is when new mothers are “confined” to a daily regimen that helps their bodies to recover from the strain of childbirth.

By duron123
Proper nutrition is especially important during the confinement period if you are breastfeeding.

While many women opt to hire a confinement lady, it may not be a necessary expense with the right preparation.


Early planning

Think through the possible issues you will face before, during and after delivery, then list down what you will do and need for those times.


There will be tasks you cannot do on your own, and will require the help or expertise of another person. Speak to them about it beforehand. The better things are delegated, the more smoothly things will run during the confinement period.



Proper nutrition is critical, especially if you are breastfeeding. Think about precooking and freezing meals ahead of time, having relatives take turns cooking for you or just hiring a caterer who specialises in confinement food.  Get it sorted at least a month before delivery, and don’t forget to load up on fresh fruit and vegetables.


The Electrolux Nutrilight refrigerator comes with a FlexStor system that comes with adjustable shelves and bins so you can better organise your food. The Nutrilight feature enhances the vitamin and mineral content of produce so you can maximise your nutritional intake.


Personal hygiene

The Electrolux EWE331BX’s electronic temperature controls can be counted on to provide water at the precise temperature you need.

Make sure you maintain good personal hygiene, rules prohibiting baths or hair washing notwithstanding. Take a hot sponge bath whenever you need to feel fresh and clean. The Electrolux EWE331BX water heater uses electronic temperature controls to ensure the precise temperature best suited to your needs.


Get  help

Save your energy for sleeping and spending time with your baby. So be sure to ask for help with household chores or arrange for a part-time cleaner if needed. Appliances like the Ergorapido vacuum, whose grab and go design encourages quick ad hoc cleaning, and the Ergosteam garment steamer, which makes it easy to steam wrinkles out of clothing, can make tedious household chores easier on whoever’s helping out.

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