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The guide to making a splash with a pool party


When the weather turns warm, it’s the perfect time for a pool party. That doesn’t have to mean a backyard full of shrieking kids. If you’d like to unwind by throwing an adult-only party, it’s a great way to cool off with friends in a fun, relaxed environment.


Set up the time

An email or Facebook invitation works well. Make it clear that it’s a pool party, and that guests should be prepared for fun in the sun. The words “Adults Only” should be prominently displayed along with the time and date.


Keep the décor simple

Pool parties aren’t just for kids.

No need for elaborate decorations. If your apartment complex has a bbq pit book it. Then all you need are some simple decorations – a few vases of flowers, outdoor torches and small tables for drinks. You can also line the food table with grass skirts for a more outdoorsy feel.

The Electrolux ESE6100SF comes with a quick chill feature that is handy for cooling drinks quickly. 

Set up a table with poolside necessities for your guests. Towels in bright tropical colours, sunscreen, and chilled water should be within easy reach. Refrigerators like the Electrolux ESE6100SF come with a fast chill feature so you can also quickly chill drinks and keep them cold during the party.


DIY bar

You don’t need a full bar at a poolside event. Set up a tropical-themed stand with a bartender to offer guests their choice of wine, beer, non-alcoholic or hard lemonade, and a couple of summery cocktails like sangria or fruit margaritas.


Get a server

If your kids are old enough, see about roping them in to help be servers for the night. Have them pass food on platters, or set up a decorated table near the bar. Offer easy-to-eat tidbits that don’t require multiple utensils. No need to wait an hour before swimming when the menu includes light fare like chicken skewers, salad, fresh fruit, shrimp cocktail, sangria, margaritas, and lemonade.


Organise some games


Most adults would enjoy a game of pool volleyball or basketball. Set up the net in advance. Or if your guests prefer to chill out, have several rafts handy for those who prefer lazy floating or want to enjoy the water without getting their hair wet. If you live in an apartment complex, check with the management on whether such set ups are acceptable. Alternatively, book the apartment’s sports facilities, such as tennis or squash courts, in advance so your guests have a choice of games to play.

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