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Four Asian Spring Cleaning Hacks For The Lunar New Year


The Lunar New Year is around the corner, and so is the tradition of spring-cleaning for those who celebrate the festival. (Also a great excuse for those who need a nudge to purge!)


Of course, this means that cleaning hacks have been developed by our ancestors in each country over the millennia. Harness the best of these cleaning practices from four countries that herald the coming of a new season.



Maximise your luck for the year by cleaning the Chinese way. According to tradition, good luck comes in through the back door. So, don’t chase it back out with hasty sweeps of your broom – or more likely these days, your vacuum.


Sweep inwards from the entrance to the centre of the home, gather all the dirt, then take them out with the trash the right way. Which is – you’ve guessed it – through the back door.  Remember to put your brooms and other cleaning tools away for the first few days of the new year so you don’t sweep or clean away any incoming prosperity!



The act of cleaning in Japan is rooted in spiritual traditions that link cleanliness to morality, or misogi. This in turn reflects on a person’s character.   Keep things kirei (beautiful or clean) in the bathroom, starting with opening the window if you can to dry out the area. Or rinse the area with cold water after a hot shower to lower the temperature.


For extra mould prevention, wipe down all surfaces after every shower. Then use bamboo or activated charcoal to help control the air’s humidity and moisture.



Koreans love their soju (rice wine) for more than just its benefits as a beverage. This mainly works with industrial-made soju rather than traditionally made rice soju.


The former is distilled from pure grain alcohol derived from sweet potatoes and tapioca with a little rice. If the bottle allows it, fit a spray nozzle onto it, grab a rag and you’re good to go for cleaning the floors, windows and grease off a stove. You can even spray it on clothing that’s been exposed to smoke to remove the smell. Just let the soju dry off, and the smell will dissipate.


This only works with industrial-made soju, so if you get a good quality traditional soju, be sure to save it for your personal enjoyment.



When life gives you lemons – clean your home. The acid in fresh lemons renders its juice a perfect natural cleaner, especially when combined with salt.


Juice a lemon on a towel and use it to clean stubborn food stains off a table, rust off faucets or just your hands if they are still carrying odours from cooking. You can also rub lemon slices directly onto chopping boards and rinse, or add a few drops into your dishwater to dislodge grease from your dishes.


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