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Lunar New Year Survival Tips For The Home Baker


Planning to make your own egg rolls and pineapple tarts for family and friends this year? How do you keep yourself from being steamrolled by the amount of work required? Home baker extraordinaire May Foo has some tips to help.


1)    Invite some friends over to help with the baking, and share a portion of the spoils with them. That way you have more helping hands, and your friends score home-baked goodies in return for their time!

2)    Using ready-made ingredients like pineapple paste is a time-saver, but sometimes the taste isn’t quite right. Adding your own ingredients to ready-made ingredients can be a happy compromise. For example, sweeten up with sugar if that rather than tart is your preference, or lemon juice if you want to bring out more citrus zing. Grated lemon zest and spices like ground cinnamon and nutmeg will also enhance ready-made ingredients with unique flavour profiles. Even experiment with a bit of paprika or pepper for a spicy kick!

3)    Do whatever prep work you can before the big baking weekend arrives. During the few weeks before the Lunar New Year, weeknights can be used for de-shelling and roasting nuts, or measuring and making cookie dough in advance. That way you can hit the ground running when it’s time to bake.

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