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Fur Goodness’ Sake!


Love your pets but love a clean house just a bit more? While it’s virtually impossible to completely avoid pet fur and other critter elements shedding everywhere, there are some simple strategies that go a long way toward containing the problem.


Use latex or rubber gloves to pick fur off furniture or clothes; the magnetic attraction will cause the fur to stick together in an easy clump. Other hacks include wrapping your hand with duct tape (sticky side out) or getting into tricky corners with Velcro hair curlers. To remove fur from carpets, vacuum first, then wipe the area with a damp sponge mop.


Double-sided tape is a great deterrent to keep cats away from furniture or wallpaper, while dabbing Tabasco sauce onto furniture legs works wonderfully in warding off puppy nibbles. When it comes to stains and unpleasant scents, baking soda and diluted white vinegar are best for absorbing liquids and neutralising odours, plus they’re not dangerous for curious pets who might try to lick them up.


The good news is that pets (and pet fur) actually seem to be beneficial for the health of kids and babies. Medical journal Pediatrics found that children who had dogs in their first year of life experienced 31 percent fewer respiratory tract infections and 44 percent fewer ear infections than those without. In fact, dogs that track in the most dirt from outside actually seem to best bolster their young companions’ immune systems.


You absolutely can have a pet while still keeping a nice house, just be sure to set boundaries: from day one, make it clear that furniture is off limits, or set up a cleaning station to wipe paws near the door. Consistency is key!


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