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Ironing Out The Kinks

It takes patience of steel to get ironing right, so most households welcome any way to make this practice in precision easier and save on dry cleaning bills. First, arm yourself with an intelligent iron to do most of the heavy lifting for you, such as the Electrolux ESI410 with temperature controls for a variety of fabrics and a self-clean function (who needs to add another chore to the list?).

Next, execute these little-known hacks for a seamless press (not stress) session.

  1. Ergonomics

It’s not just about finding a flat surface, but one at the correct height for ironing, which is why it makes sense to invest in an ironing board. Adjust it to slightly below your elbows when they’re bent at a right angle, and maintain good posture throughout to reduce strain on your neck, shoulders and back. The ESI410’s two-metre-long 360° cord swivel cord also ensures maximum comfort.

2. Which water?

Yes, the water matters! Use distilled water (cheap from supermarkets) or boiled and cooled water to prevent mineral residue build up. The last thing you need on laundered clothes is brown gunk spraying out instead of steam.

3. Superficial advantages

Slip aluminum foil under the ironing board cover and slice ironing time in half, since the metallic sheen reflects heat off the iron. This helps smooth the underside of clothes as you work on the topside.

4. The dark side

Turn black and dark garments inside out to iron to prevent sheens from forming and ruining the fabric.

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