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The Dishwasher’s Secret Power

Dishwashers are the denouement to dinner parties, the terminus of culinary journeys. For a real treat, however, we suggest that you turn this maxim on its head – use the dishwasher at the start of your next gastronomical adventure and you will have more than clean dishes as your reward at the end.

A Toast To Toaster Ovens

Pssst… here’s a little-known fact: the mini but mighty toaster oven can help you prepare food for a party as perfectly as its conventional compatriot!

Vote for your favourite Electrolux Design Lab 2015 ideas today!

This year, children are at the heart of Design Lab with the theme “Healthy Happy Kids”. Over 1,500 concepts have been submitted and the top 100 entries are now up for public voting.

Spring-Proof Your Home – And Your Nose

Spring brings blooming flowers and plants… and seasonal allergies, exacerbated by the proliferation of pollen in the home or brought home from the outdoors.