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One Coffee Maker to Rule Them All


For every cook who rejoices in his arsenal of specialised kitchen tools, there is a MacGyver counterpart dedicated to creating a gourmet three-course meal with a solitary heat-producing device.

Yes, we are talking about your coffee maker.

The aromatic, soul-sustaining cup of coffee in the morning is a given, but barely plumbs the depths of this multi-talented machine.

That carafe is made for so much more than coffee if you allow your imagination to percolate – fill it with water, and it’s also marvellously suited for poaching an egg. Or cooking a breakfast of oats and honey. Or salmon and couscous, rice or noodles, capped by the sweet finish of chocolate fondue. You can even brew beer!

The heating plate that the carafe sits on also doubles up as a mini fry pan for pancakes or a mini oven for pizzas, cupcakes and cinnamon buns. And, especially with the Electrolux ECM1303W coffee maker’s non-stick heating plate, cleaning is a non-issue. Be aware, however, that cooking with a coffee maker is necessarily a leisurely affair, as the heating plate cannot get too hot in case it burns coffee.

The anti-drip valve keeps the appliance clean and hygenic by preventing coffee from dripping onto the warmer plate

The way of the coffee maker has been enthusiastically championed by those with limited space for multiple appliances, frequent travellers and adventurous cooks. Among them is Swede Katja Wulff, who gleefully presents coffee maker recipes for tacos and chicken heart salad on her blog . For her, cooking with a coffee machine is “a creative, feel good thing… [that] encourages people to have fun and do whatever makes them happy”.

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