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Don’t Be Unfazed By Haze


Two years ago, Southeast Asia achieved the dubious distinction of obliterating its air pollution record. Deforestation by burning in Indonesia, combined with particularly unlucky wind patterns and a lack of rain, three-hour PSI levels in Singapore and Malaysia virtually doubled their previous highs. The resulting hazardous air quality levels caused a rush for respiratory face masks and forced people inside indefinitely.

Now that the burning season is upon us again, these top tips can keep your home haze- and pollutant-free, and protect you and your family as much as possible:

  • First and foremost, an air purifier or ionizer with a strong HEPA filter to catch very small particles is key. Also make sure you’ve been getting your air-conditioners serviced regularly.

Electrolux Oxygen Air Purifier with Plasmawave technology and washable True HEPA and Carbon filters that removes 99.98% of allergens. 

  • Militza Maury of Singapore’s healthy living blog Little Green Dot suggests using homemade, vinegar-based household cleaners to help keep the house toxic chemical-free. She also provides a handy list of air-purifying plants, including Areca Palm and the Money Tree Plant, that are ace at converting CO2 into oxygen.


  • Detox yourself by drinking extra water to flush out the kidneys and keep toxins moving right along out of your system. Try drinking chrysanthemum tea – a natural detoxifier – and eating mung bean broth, revered in Ayurvedic healing for its ability to help the body balance its three doshas.


  • If you’re a contact lens wearer, skip ‘em and wear specs instead when you go outside. Even if you can’t see the toxic particles, they’re right there sticking to your lenses and irritating your eyes. The body is a much more effective eye cleaner than any saline solution would be for contacts.


  • Boost your immunity with vitamin C and antioxidants – citrus fruits, tomatoes, blueberries, garlic and green tea are all great sources of protection.



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