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Fridge Myths Busted!


Are you cool with how your fridge works, or are you sweating out all of its various functions and how to make optimal use of this appliance? Have you ever wondered which refrigeration practices actually work and which are just old wives’ practices?

The Crisper Keeps Produce… Crisper?

Yes… and so much more! For most fridges, it’s literally a sliding tab that controls how much air is entering the compartment. For example, select “low humidity” to allow more air flow so produce that rot easily – apples, pears, kiwis, papayas, mangoes and melons – don’t.

For vegetables susceptible to wilting – leafy ones and herbs – go “high humidity” as the moisture keeps those leaves crunchier and fresher longer. There’s a reason modern fridges come with two crispers: it’s so you can separate fruit and veggies requiring varying levels of humidity, and remember, crispers work best when they’re two-thirds full.

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Eggs should be refrigerated – That’s what the egg holder is for, right?

Nope! Egg shells are full of millions of microscopic holes which allow for all sorts of odours from other foods in the fridge to find their way in. Unless you don’t mind eggs you’re whisking into a cake faintly reeking of pesto, they’re better off kept in a cool, dark corner of your kitchen.

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It’s good to choose fridges with bottom freezers because hot air rises and cold air sinks

Wish there was a scientific rationale for bottom freezers, but it’s as simple as this: people don’t access frozen food as much, so why not make the things you reach for in a fridge the most often at a convenient height, which also allows for easier storage and cleaning? Also, when you spend less time rummaging in the fridge, you save energy and lighten your electrical bill.

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