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Let Them Eat Mooncake!


Mooncakes have always loomed large as one of the Chinese culture’s most iconic and colourful customs. Savoured during the Mid-Autumn Festival on 27 September in 2015, the basic construction of this sweet pastry is a thin crust marked with auspicious symbols or decorative elements over lotus paste.

Although modern renditions have adventurous bakers using sugary snow “skins” of unconventional flavours such as mango, pandan and even durian, and playing with chocolate, custard, red bean, mousse, cheesecake and ice cream for fillings, the singular tradition at the heart of indulging in mooncakes has remained the same for centuries: a family reunion for enjoying each other’s company while appreciating the moon.

Baking mooncakes is a tedious kitchen endeavour, but a satisfying one that embraces the festival’s togetherness theme if it’s a family effort. With the right appliances, typically tricky and complex steps in its production are rendered a cinch. Take these tips:

1.     Use Electrolux’s Masterpiece Collection food processor

The best mooncakes feature silky fillings with smooth textures, something you don’t have to worry about when the Masterpiece Collection’s powerful 2000W induction motor is blending tough ingredients like lotus seeds into purées, or ensuring denser textures like chocolate, red bean, tiramisu and durian are evenly mixed. Its large capacity particularly helps here, giving thick, sticky pastes plenty of room to evolve from their base ingredients in uniform consistency.

2.     Let Electrolux’s Inspiro Built-In Automatic Oven do the thinking

The mooncake baking process requires a wealth of patience to prevent its thin surfaces from cracking, a few rounds of cooling time, and ensuring they don’t get overly browned. Inspired by real households in Southeast Asia, the Inspiro Built-In Automatic Oven features 76 pre-programmed menus and more than 21 cooking functions and options, which means you can set it to perform each step as accurately as you need without having to constantly stand sentry by the oven.

Multi-taskers who are infusing unique flavours such as red velvet cake into their mooncakes, or giving them contemporary macaroon or fondant spins will especially appreciate switching quickly from one automatic setting to another. The sprawling 74-litre interior means mooncakes can be made on a large-scale for those baking for sale or for gifts, and the environmentally friendly self-cleaning Pyrolytic Cleaning technology means you don’t have to lift a finger once the fun part is done.


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