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The Most Efficient Formula For Full-On Hari Raya Haji Feasting


Anyone who celebrates or has been invited to celebrate Hari Raya Haji knows that the warmth of Muslim families extends to a neverending flow of curries, rendangs, sambals, pastries and snacks.

While preparations and cooking aren’t on the same scale as Hari Raya Puasa, the Muslim new year, families still go all out to feast on traditional favourites, with more than enough left to share with neighbours.

Enter the Electrolux CombiSteam Oven, which at a whopping 74-litre capacity means more can be cooked at one go. The ingenious InfiSpace™ interior is 25% more cavernous than a standard oven’s, complemented by a 20% bigger baking tray, yet the oven doesn’t take up more space in the kitchen.

Just imagine conjuring the full onslaught of Hari Raya staples, typically requiring a cacophony of cookware being moved around stoves, grills and steamers, within one magical CombiSteam Oven:

Ayam percik (roasted spice chicken) basted at 25% steam, so a beautiful, crispy brown crust crackles on the outside while preserving moist, tender textures and flavourful juices within

Beef or mutton rendang (jerky-like meat in a rich gravy) simmering in a casserole at 50% steam for as long as your recipe requires for marinades and spices to stand out spectacularly, without drying out or over-browning the meat

Ketupat (compressed steamed rice packed in woven coconut leaves) or kueh fluffing to life in a steady warm 100% steam setting that doesn’t surpass 100 °C, packing in maximum fragrance


Pineapple tarts or cookies baking on nine separate shelves without begging for constant attention, as the UltraFanPlus’ efficient and consistent air circulation ensures uniform baking from top to bottom

All this is possible because the CombiSteam Oven was dreamed up in professional kitchens and designed to perform at restaurant standards in your home. Advanced sensors for weighing ingredients also eliminate errors and mishaps, and pre-programmed auto menus work out temperatures and cooking durations to exaction.

And then, relax! With the Pyrolytic Cleaning function, the oven almost cleans itself. Now, that’s what we call a real holiday!

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