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The Electrolux Food Waste At Home Survey 2015 reveals 77% of Singaporeans regularly waste food at home, with almost a third refusing to eat leftovers


According to the latest Electrolux survey into food waste habits, the majority of respondents (41%) only think about food waste occasionally despite households contributing to the 788,600 tonnes* of food waste generated in Singapore each year.

The survey, timed to kick-start the launch of #happyplateSG, a six-week community initiative to raise food waste awareness, also revealed a staggering 92% leave leftovers in the fridge for family members to snack on, but then end up having to throw the leftovers away at a later date.  In fact, the findings show 18-24 year olds are responsible for creating most food waste, with 41% preparing too much food for each meal and 42% forgetting about food in the fridge until it’s past its use-by date.

At the heart of the #happyplateSG campaign, which marks the start of the company’s regional commitment to food waste awareness in key markets across Southeast Asia,

Electrolux is encouraging people to commit to emptying their plates at mealtimes because an empty plate is a happy plate, and a happy plate creates less food waste.

Electrolux intends to rally the help of Singaporeans through social media and a dedicated website happyplate.sg to support more than 1,000 local families in need in partnership with the campaign’s beneficiary, The Food Bank Singapore.  Mum of five and model, Wendy Jacobs, is leading the charge alongside a number of notable influencers in Singapore.

Top five reasons why food is regularly wasted at homes across Singapore

1)     Forgotten about food – out-of-date food at the back of their fridge because they just can’t see it (48%).

2)    Preparing too much food / taking too much food on your plate (51%).

3)    Catering for fussy eaters (31%).

4)    Households not liking leftovers (23%)

5)    Rarely eating together as a family (11%).

Three most wasted food in Singapore homes

1)     Cooked rice (51%)

2)    Vegetables/salad (49%)

3)    Cooked meat/fish (45%)


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