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How To Rock Oktoberfest


Short of hopping onto the next flight to Munich, the home of Oktoberfest, stay in your kitchen and whip out traditional favourites without breaking the bank or your back.

Between the 74L Inspiro Built-In CombiSteam Oven and the 80cm InfinitePure hob, you can churn out the greatest hits of the festival like a pro, and still be able to raise steins of suds high above for many rounds of prost!


Roast pork knuckle is the centrepiece of any Oktoberfest celebration, and a successful schweinshaxe features crackling crisp on the outside and fork tender, on the inside. Tapping into functions originally created for European chefs, Electrolux’s 74L Inspiro Built-In CombiSteam Oven uses various combinations of steam and hot air to cook a plethora of dishes to exacting results, taking the thinking and fussing out of the equation for you. Choose CrispSteam (25% steam) so the right amount of dry heat transforms schweinshaxe skin into the ultimate crust, while the proportionate steam moistens the meat and makes sure it melts in the mouth.

Beer and Cheese Soup 



Fried Apple Dumplings

This is where things really heat up – three very rich Oktoberfest stars cooking at the same time might sound like heavy duty, but the minimalist Electrolux 80cm InfinitePure hob’s intelligent and intuitive controls make light work of it, especially with its ability to power up to high heat almost instantly. Its intuitive rotary sliders are inspired by professional chefs’ need for instant, precise heat control, so after you select the power levels for each of these three dishes – whether simmering the soup, sautéing the spaetzle or deep frying the apple pie dough – fine tune to specific temperatures via the separate DirectAccess  rotary slider, while the hob’s flexible cooking zones automatically adjust to a pan’s exact shape and size. Whipping up an extra large serving of any of these? The bridge function spans two zones for one vessel while keeping temperatures constant through one rotary slider. Guests arriving early? Stop+Go prevents overcooking or burning.

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