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Design Experience takes centre stage in EDL 2012

For a growing number of discerning and savvy consumers, simply outfitting one’s kitchen with the standard home appliances just isn’t enough anymore. Consumer trends are showing an increasing demand for high performance kitchen equipment that were once usually reserved for the professionals. Customers are now willing to pay double or triple the price of consumer models for the chance to use the same kitchen appliances that Jamie Oliver or Tetsuya does.

Mobile cleaner opens the world to Adrian Mankovecký

Cutting-edge, life-changing designs and designers are popularly associated with countries like the USA or Sweden. The Electrolux Design Lab (EDL) 2011 levelled the playing field, taking in 1,300 entries from 50 countries around the world – and found its winner in Slovakian Adrian Mankovecký.

Designing an experience – the oven side of Alex Gray

Just call him the Oz of kitchens. For Electrolux Senior Industrial Designer Alex Gray, installing an oven into the kitchen isn’t just a matter of what bakes best, it’s about putting a heart into the stainless steel of your cooking area.

How does she do it? – Primpow de Gomery puts the pleasure in her business with Electrolux

We’ve all met them. The women who seem to have it all – juggling a successful career, a happy family and large living. “How does she do it?” is a new series where we explore how Asian women have come to have it all.

Singapore’s kids share their visions of a Greener Singapore

It was an evening where dreaming paid off for 12 children at the ‘Dreaming of a Greener Singapore’ prize presentation event.

APAC finalists take two out of three top spots at the Electrolux Design Lab 2011 finals

It was a tough contest that started in January this year. In the end, three designs stood out from the last round of eight finalists to take home the top honours at the Electrolux Design Lab (EDL) 2011 finals.

Tap your way to a cleaner home with Design Lab finalist Gyu Ha Choi’s Robo-Tap vacuum cleaner

Invention runs in the family of Gyu Ha Choi, 26. Growing up, he remembers having great interest in watching his father create new products and dreamed of doing the same someday.

Design Lab finalist Roseanne de Bruin puts the fun in health food

Shaping the future by making her ideas a physical reality is what drives 20-year-old Roseanne de Bruin’s passion for product design. Despite having people dismiss her as a “petty art student” and telling her to change her degree course, the design student from New Zealand’s Massey University remains undeterred.

Career Women and Domestic Divas – Modern Help For the Modern Asian Woman

More than one hundred years ago, women were fighting for their rights to work and vote. Today, women are fighting very different battles. Asian women especially, have come a long way – building successful careers, and looking after their families.

Electrolux Philippines wins at the PANATA Awards for the second year running

Congratulations to Electrolux Philippines for winning the Philippines Association of National Advertisers Truth in Advertising Awards (PANATA Awards) for the second year running.