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Four tips that encourage “green” eating

In a world where potato chips, fried chicken and candy exist, it can be hard to get children to eat their greens. Given that a healthy, balanced diet means that one third of our meals should consist of fruits and vegetables, the mission to feed them right can be quite a challenge. Here are some handy ideas to get your kids more excited about their greens.

Drink the best the vine has to offer with the Vino wine chiller

Before there were refrigerators, there were wine caves and underground cellars offering cool, dark, humid and still surroundings, or simply, ideal storage conditions for wine. That has not changed today, although most will find owning an underground cave a challenging prospect. This is why good wine chillers mimic those conditions to give the modern wine […]

Big on cooking, function and design

Whether it’s a dinner for your extended family, a party for 20 or a festive reunion dinner at home, the ability to cook large meals always comes in handy.

Heat Pump Dryers: Care for both your clothes and the environment

Clothes dryers have become a boon for urban dwellers with busy lives. With limited time and space to dry and hang their laundry, dryers can be essential in helping to get the moisture out of wet laundry efficiently and quickly.

Electrolux fridge design: Innovation over the years

Since 100 BC, when the Chinese discovered the use of ice in refrigeration, preserving food and making ice were the sole province of the wealthy and powerful. Only those who could afford cellars and icehouses would be able to enjoy chilled dishes and cold relief on hot summer days.

The hidden saboteurs of your diet

Keeping an eye on calorie consumption is usually a key factor in any weight loss regime. Keeping the calorie count down however, can be a difficult task, even for those who make soups and salads a major part of their meals.

Appliance ideas that let you cook on the go!

Like telecommunications devices and electronics, it appears the future of kitchen appliances could very well be mobile. From electric freestanding cookers to portable induction cookers, appliances are being designed for versatility in modern apartments and homes.

Bed down in cleaner, longer-lasting sheets with the right machine settings

We sleep between them every night, so when it comes to washing our bed sheets, pillows and duvets, we might as well clean them right.

Choose an ergonomic vacuum that’s right for your body

When choosing a vacuum for the home, it’s easy to focus mainly on the features and aesthetics of the appliance. While ergonomics is often used as a descriptive buzzword for a product that is designed to be comfortable, a truly ergonomic appliance goes beyond ease of use to helping its user work better.

The cyclone vacuum – more than just hot air

Creating a cyclone blowing at speeds of up to 1450km/h sounds like a supervillain’s plot in a comic book. In real life, creating a portable cyclonic chamber has been put not to destruction, but to the greater good in making household vacuuming easier and greener.