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Don’t Leave Your Clothes High And Not Dry

The clothes dryer is a standard household fixture in most Western countries and locales with changing seasons.

Gourmet twists to common finger foods

Serving finger foods at parties can be great fun, giving guests small, delicious bites throughout the evening while they mingle with one another. They are also easier to prepare than ambitious multiple course meals Best of all, they can be cooked in large batches with ovens like the Electrolux EOB2400AOX oven, whose 74-litre capacity allows […]

Dry your fruits and meats for better, longer lasting flavour

The art of drying is an ancient practice dating back more than 10 millennia, developed as a way to preserve food for long periods. The process of removing moisture from food doesn’t just help to keep it from going bad, it helps to preserve almost 100 per cent of the nutritional content of the food. […]

The Electrolux Asia Pacific Food Survey 2014 reveals a region of ‘foodies’

According to the latest survey findings, the Asia Pacific is undeniably a region of foodies.  They are not however, confident of their own culinary prowess in their kitchens.   Of the 5,000 respondents polled, 94% said that they are strongly passionate about food. Paradoxically however, 60% described their cooking skills as “limited” or “a disaster”. The […]

Get baking the healthier way with yoghurt!

A sweet tooth can be the bane of svelte waistlines, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have your cake and eat it.  If you’re looking to reduce the calorie count, fat and cholesterol levels during baking, look into one of the current darlings of the culinary world, the high protein, low fat Greek yogurt. Yogurt […]

An ode to the joys of bacon

Just what is it about bacon that makes it irresistible?

Small changes for better living

While many of us don’t think too much about the details of our lifestyle, such as our daily commute, sleeping hours or what we eat, they can have a major impact on how we live. Making some small changes to our daily routine could result in more energy, better moods and even higher productivity.

Reducing noise pollution at home for peaceful living

A quiet home can do wonders for our physical and mental well-being in the long term, as noise tends to impact our concentration and stress levels. Many people can however, be unaware of the amount of sound being generated in the home. But getting used to the cacophony of an active household doesn’t mean it doesn’t have an effect. Here are some suggestions to maintain a more peaceful home environment.

Spice up your snacking with these healthy dips

A healthy snack doesn’t always mean that you have to give up on taste. If that sweet potato chip or taro chip isn’t quite doing it for your taste buds, don’t turn back to fat and sodium-laden commercial snacks just yet.

Four calorie-laden Asian desserts to avoid

Asia can be a great place for indulging a sweet tooth, with every country offering a great variety of traditional desserts. For some of them, however, their tastiness is matched by their high calorie count. Here are some of the worst offenders, and how to reduce their impact on your waistline.