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Drink the right juices for a longer, happier life

Staying healthy does require time and effort to source and prepare healthy meals from nutritious ingredients. And in today’s world, most meals are typically made up of quick, processed, nutritionally devoid foods that do nothing for our well-being but are easy options for those with little time to spare.

5 simple tips to living a more sustainable life

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword. It’s a way of life that minimises the impact on the environment, and looks at creating the least amount of waste from whatever is consumed or used. Sustainable living creates a cycle that can be repeated without cumulative damage or harm to the world around us. For example, a sustainable material is one that is created or gathered in a way that doesn’t damage its environment, pollute the air or reduce the supply of resources permanently.

Induction: The True Story

Compared to gas cookers and electric hotplates, induction cooking is a relatively recent invention, being introduced only in the 1970s. It has been widely adopted in many European households, but still suffers from numerous misconceptions over its uses and capabilities.

Julie Paterson and the Willow range – designs to breakthrough in Asia

Julie Paterson is a natural designer in every sense of the word. Whether she is based in Europe, Australia and now China, nature has always been the key inspiration for her designs.