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Give your loved ones a cleaner and healthier home with these appliances

They are a part of the environment and play a role in nature, but rarely do they have a place in your home. Mould is usually found outdoors, helping to break down fallen leaves and trees. When they make their way into your house however, it may be time to bring out the cleaning tools.

Stay cool and run your air cons efficiently

Being cool can be a challenge in South East Asia at times. Humidity combined with the lack of cold seasons in many countries mean air conditioners get heavy usage on a daily basis.

The quick guide to universal air con symbols

In recent times, the new generation of air conditioners sure do come with a lot of bells and whistles. Whether we do more with them other than hitting the ‘up and down’ arrow keys to control the temperature is quite another matter.

Spot, snap and win with the Electrolux Spa van

Time to relax and unwind as the Electrolux Spa experience rolls into a venue near you. This special spa on wheels has been providing much welcome relief to many shoppers in the Philippines since the Holy Week holidays in April and is making its rounds till the end of this month.