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Healthy cooking 101: Bake, poach, steam and stir your way to better health

The recent Electrolux Asian Food Survey 2010 revealed that the vast majority of people worry about health when cooking a meal at home. Is it any surprise? Chronic disease and obesity are on the rise in the region so it is with little wonder that health and nutrition have become top priorities when dining.

Electrolux Asian Food Survey 2010 reveals facts you might not expect

“Thinking of you” has always been the commitment that Electrolux has promised consumers. The recently completed Electrolux Asian Food Survey 2010, one of the biggest food surveys in Asia, is an example of how Electrolux upholds that promise. Reaching out to over 4,000 respondents from across eight Asian countries – the Electrolux Asian Food Survey 2010 provides valuable insights into the trends and motivations of the consumer when it comes to food and dining.