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Simple substitutions for delicious Christmas snacks

It’s December and school’s out for the holidays. The kids are home and looking forward to their favourite festive treats. While many Christmas goodies tend to be loaded with sugar or salt, healthier options are easy to whip up at home and can be just as tasty! Here are some simple and nutritious substitutions for your children’s snacks this holiday season.

Blenders vs Food Processors – when do we use them?

To most home cooks, a blender and food processor may not appear too different. Both seem to exist to simply chop, grind or puree ingredients into bits for our dining pleasure.

Common mistakes made with blenders

As a cooking process, blending appears to be one of the easiest to pull off. But tossing all the ingredients in and waiting till the blender is done mixing may not always turn out as expected.

Here are some common mistakes made in blending ingredients and how to remedy them for a smooth, silky puree or deliciously textured smoothie drink.