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Fusing the best of east and west at mealtime

If you’ve ever had a California roll, a chili con carne or tried Electrolux resident chef’s unique smoked salmon in pie tee shells, you’ve enjoyed fusion cuisine. Fusion cuisine is a popular way to serve a dish with a difference, and many professional chefs have used it to make their mark.

Easy cooking ideas for Mother’s Day meals

It’s that time of year to put a smile on the face of that special woman in your life. This year, Mother’s Day falls on 12 May and there’s no better day to show mum how much she is loved and appreciated.

Celebrating a shared passion for food on both sides of the causeway

August marks a month of celebrations for Singapore and Malaysia, with their national days falling on 9 and 31 August respectively.

Although separated in 1965, a look at popular local dishes in both countries suggests that 47 years apart has had little effect on their shared culinary heritage.

Create culinary art with plating tips at home

A memorable dining experience these days doesn’t stop at how a dish tastes. The overall sensory experience is paramount to creating lasting impressions, and like a work of art, the colour and texture of what’s on the plate is as important as its flavour.

Presenting the new Chef-in-Residence: Chef E

He cooks food fit for royalty, and that’s not just a figure of speech.