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The quick guide to hosting your first Christmas dinner

Hosting your first Christmas dinner for the family?  If you happen to have a large one, it might be worthwhile to start your preparation early and rope in some help as well.   Figure out the logistics Get a handle on the number of guests early. You might even be able to get them to […]

Deck the halls with a last minute Christmas shindig

It’s Christmas week and you’re feeling spontaneous. Or perhaps that might be an euphemism for “I forgot I’m hosting the party this year”. Fret not, a Christmas gathering doesn’t always need to entail weeks of planning or hours spent roasting fowl or putting up elaborate decorations. With the help of modern technology and some imagination, throwing together a last minute Christmas bash can be easier than you think.

Spice up your Christmas with these traditional drinks

No matter what kind of Christmas party you’re throwing, food and drink are bound to be at the centre of it. Or perhaps the party’s really just a fun excuse to experiment with new drink creations.

Whip up some festive treats with your kids

It’s the holiday season and your kids are bored at home. Why not rope them in for some fun treats they can make and enjoy by themselves? Not only does it allow for some great family bonding time, it also acquaints them with the kitchen and its various tools.

20 words + 12 gift ideas for a great start to 2012

It’s one of the most celebrated holidays the world over where friends and families come together over delicious home-cooked meals, and homes and streets are filled with festive decorations and bright coloured lights. Yes, Christmas is on its way.