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Show dad some love with a Father’s Day cookout!

Looking for a new idea to celebrate this Father’s Day with dad?  How about organizing a special cookout in his honour? A Father’s Day cookout doesn’t just guarantee a good time for dad, it can also be a bonding activity for the whole family.  Few men can resist the allure of food grilled over a […]

Enjoy steak tartare from the comfort of your home!

Eating raw beef in the form of steak tartare can be done without a restaurant kitchen at your disposal. Here’s what you should keep in mind when preparing it or any other raw dish at home. Steak Tartare                 By Leon Brocard https://www.flickr.com/photos/acme/225281528 The right cut of beef and […]

Holiday activities for kids – that don’t bust the wallet

It’s June, and the kids are home for the holidays. With proper planning, a road trip can be a fun bonding and learning activity for the family. Cooking lessons Take the time to teach them a valuable life skill – cooking.  Depending on their age group, they can learn to perform different tasks in the […]

Happy birthday ideas for adults.

Fun birthday parties aren’t just for kids. Adults too can have a great time celebrating with a more ‘grown-up’ shindig.               Party From: www.livelovelux.com Adult birthday parties can be great fun no matter your age. Send proper invites Set the tone, skip the e-vites.  Send real, honest-to-goodness, on-paper invitations. […]

Healthy and delicious snacks for any road trip.

Taking your family on a road trip this June? Packing some snacks for the kids during long drives is essential for a smooth journey. There’s no need to stock up on potato chips and soda however. There are plenty of healthy and equally tasty options you can pack from home with just a little preparation. […]

Tips for hosting a fuss-free brunch

Brunch is possibly one of the most casual and enjoyable meals we can have. Coined in 1895 for a Sunday meal for Saturday night revelers, these leisurely, late-morning affairs are best when they’re kept relaxed, with tasty food and a comfortable vibe that encourages guests to kick off their shoes and hang out. Here’s some […]

Smoking meats on your trusty stove top.

Smoking in the kitchen can be a healthy and delicious affair. The cooking technique, that is. Smoking meats involves cooking food over a low temperature of between 82oC to 105oC in a smoky environment for several hours, sometimes overnight. The smoke comes from wood chips and charcoal, which smoulder rather than burn at these low […]

Easy microwave dinner ideas

Throw out the stereotype of the unhealthy microwave dinner. The microwave can be a handy ally in the kitchen for cooking nutritious and delicious meals with fresh food in just minutes. Modern models like the Electrolux EMM2017X microwave even come with grill functions that expand your options for healthy and fast cooking.       […]

Quick, easy and delicious Mother’s Day desserts

Make Mother’s Day special by appealing to her sweet tooth and whip up some home-made treats for her.  Here are three easy dessert recipes that can be prepared by or with the help of kids of all ages.   Lemon ice There are few recipes simpler than a refreshing Lemon Ice freeze.  Just mix 3 […]

Get more out of your microwave with these tips

There are few kitchen appliances more maligned than the microwave, which can be so much more than a mere heater for leftovers and for popping popcorn. It can fry, dry, blanch and even steam dishes in just minutes. The Electrolux EMS3067X convection microwave oven comes with a rotary dial control that allows you to easily […]