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Achieve greater savings with some handy washing and drying tips

These days, the trend of rising utility bills is becoming all too common. But even if the price of oil seems to be taking an express elevator, it doesn’t mean your bills have to. Here are some some tips from Electrolux’s laundry experts on getting a more efficient wash:

Jumbo Dryers – the bigger, better and greener way to dry your clothes

For many homeowners staying in apartments in Asia’s densely populated cities, the clothes dryer is an inevitable part of a compact living space. But while a dryer can save time, space and the physical energy required to hang up clothes, it can also be the biggest contributor to your monthly utility bill.

Laundry dryer myths debunked

Always wanted a laundry dryer but afraid of the myths you’ve heard? Let’s look at the four common myths of using a laundry dryer and find out if they’re really true.

The perfect pair for the perfect wash

Doing the laundry can be a tiresome process, which is why we’ve come up with the perfect washer and dryer solution to help wash away those laundry woes!