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Evict allergens from the home with better cleaning

No matter the climate, country or city, allergens live in the home all year round. While no home can be completely allergen-free, proper cleaning on a regular basis can help reduce the number of allergens – and symptoms suffered as a result. Here are some tips for reducing the risk of itchy throats, watery eyes and sinus problems.

Why wait? Go on the run with cleaner shoes

Washing shoes, especially those of active schoolchildren, is not a chore enjoyed by many. Scrubbing dirt and mud stains out of sneakers, canvas or cloth shoes can be a time consuming and ultimately futile effort when done by hand.

Bed down in cleaner, longer-lasting sheets with the right machine settings

We sleep between them every night, so when it comes to washing our bed sheets, pillows and duvets, we might as well clean them right.

The quick guide to ironing less

The iron has come a long way from being an antiquated metal box filled with hot coals that helps one smooth out fabrics. But it seems most people prefer to loathe it rather than appreciate how much easier it’s made our lives.