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How to help your kids grow up green

Our children shall inherit the earth, so let’s help them grow up to be more eco-friendly. It may take years, or even generations to see the fruits of environmental initiatives in repairing the damage done to deforested areas or the Ozone. So there’s no time like the present to start preserving our world for future generations.

Shaping the world through design

It produced Abba and some great meatballs, but chances are that when you think of Sweden, great design is the first association that comes to mind.

Mothers: Worth their weight in gold

What is mum worth? After all, they’ve taken care of our every need, be it material or emotional. From food and shelter to love and advice, mothers have proven themselves absolutely priceless to their children.

Tips on realising your New Year’s resolutions

It’s a brand new year and with it the annual tradition of kicking bad habits and living our lives anew – the New Year’s resolutions. Everyone makes resolutions at the beginning of a year. But how many of us keep them?

Build an environment-friendly and cost-efficient home with the Electrolux Eco Range

Moving into a new home or renovating one can be an exciting, albeit mind-boggling task. One important factor that must be considered is cost, and how to ensure that the home is as energy-efficient and sustainable as possible. To this end, Electrolux has a range of eco-friendly home appliances that makes household chores effortless and saves valuable resources as well.