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Brewing up the most expensive coffee beans in the world

These are not your normal cuppas. These rare and expensive coffees are not found in just any neighbourhood coffee shop, primarily due to their cost. But if you do get your hands on a fresh packet, you’ll get the best flavour and drinking experience by preparing them the right way.

Common foods that ease everyday pain

A hard day’s work may be honest and fulfilling, but it can be tough on our bodies. For some, sore muscles and headaches are a daily way of life that occasionally has us reaching for an aspirin.

The healthy eating guide for you and the planet

The emission of greenhouse gases is probably the last thing on our minds when we eat our meals. Unfortunately, as with everything we consume, the production of food does contribute towards our carbon footprint and has an impact on the earth. While we can’t stop eating, we can choose to do so in more eco-friendly ways.

The quick guide to brewing tea

A gently steaming cup of aromatic tea can be one of the most soothing drinks you can have in a busy day. Ironically, it is most likely to be prepared by hurriedly dunking a tea bag in a cup of boiling hot water.