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Beef Wellington – a dish fit for Dukes

A classic dish that has survived the test of time, the iconic Beef Wellington is rich in taste and dramatic in presentation.

Three snacks to cheer on your favourite soccer team

The Fifa World Cup tournament is underway, with the first kick-off on 12 June signalling a month of soccer fever for fans around the world. Few sporting events inspire as much fervour as this global football tournament, held once every four years.

Laksa variants in South East Asia

Laksa – A popular spicy soup noodle that is well-known to Indonesians, Malaysians and Singaporeans. While the origins of this dish and its name are subject to debate, its popularity in the three countries is not.

Save time and money with these restaurant tips

Homemakers with families to feed can sometimes feel like a short-order cook at meal times. From family members craving their favourite foods to having to balance a child’s diet, taking shortcuts with packaged and frozen foods can be inevitable.

Four calorie-laden Asian desserts to avoid

Asia can be a great place for indulging a sweet tooth, with every country offering a great variety of traditional desserts. For some of them, however, their tastiness is matched by their high calorie count. Here are some of the worst offenders, and how to reduce their impact on your waistline.