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Designing a winning experience for the Electrolux Design Lab 2012

An idea for a floating air purifier that doubles as a lighting fixture for the home has lit up the future for Jan Ankiersztajn. The Polish design student at the Uniwersytet Artystyczny Poznaniu recently beat out 1,200 designs from over 50 countries with his Aeroball concept, to take home top honours at the Electrolux Design Lab (EDL) 2012.

Electrolux Design Lab finalist Amy Liu speaks on designing a Treat for your guests

Futuristic technology meets nature in the Treat – a finalist in this year’s Electrolux Design Lab (EDL) competition. Conceptualised by Amy Liu, a Queensland University of Technology design student, this tree-like food storage appliance combines classic storage techniques like vacuum sealing with modern mobile technology that can control the device remotely.

Electrolux Design Lab finalist Ben de la Roche’s Impress-ive idea puts the fun in refrigeration

An immature idea, leftover food and a children’s toy helped Ben de la Roche design his way onto the path of success.

The Impress refrigerator concept has made the design student from Massey University in New Zealand one of just 10 finalists of the Electrolux Design Lab 2012 (EDL) competition. His food storage idea combines form and function with a sense of fun to boot, culminating in a refrigeration wall that holds your food out so you can remember and easily access any food stored for your next meal or snack.

EDL finalist Cai Wen Yao on creating a conceptual tasty Memory

A child saying “Why does it taste different today?” has taken designer Cai Wen Yao all the way to Milan, Italy. The simple sentence, overhead by the student at the Guangdong Industry Technical College of China, helped to inspire his design of the Memory coffee maker, which remembers how you like your morning cuppa, and replicates the exact flavours you enjoy most.

Speaking from experience: Electrolux Design Lab 2012 jury members talk design

In a global village where popular products and services can be easily duplicated, what differentiates one from the other is the experience they offer. The professional members of the Electrolux Design Lab (EDL) 2012 jury, Michelin Star chef David Oldani and design blogger Kelly Beall have made careers out of creating experiences in fine dining and design respectively.

Nine appliances for the future by Asia Pacific’s most promising design students

You may not have to leave your home in the future to enjoy new experiences. If the entries of this year’s Electrolux Design Lab (EDL) competition are anything to go by, your home appliances may very well double up as conversation pieces while changing the way you experience daily chores like cooking and cleaning.

Electrolux Design Lab: Changing the future of home appliances and the lives of designers

Many “modern” technologies today have surprisingly long histories. It was Leonardo Da Vinci who first designed a submersible ship, or submarine in the 16th century, and there is no telling if an unimaginable design today may simply be a blueprint for a new technology in the future.

Design Experience takes centre stage in EDL 2012

For a growing number of discerning and savvy consumers, simply outfitting one’s kitchen with the standard home appliances just isn’t enough anymore. Consumer trends are showing an increasing demand for high performance kitchen equipment that were once usually reserved for the professionals. Customers are now willing to pay double or triple the price of consumer models for the chance to use the same kitchen appliances that Jamie Oliver or Tetsuya does.

Mobile cleaner opens the world to Adrian Mankovecký

Cutting-edge, life-changing designs and designers are popularly associated with countries like the USA or Sweden. The Electrolux Design Lab (EDL) 2011 levelled the playing field, taking in 1,300 entries from 50 countries around the world – and found its winner in Slovakian Adrian Mankovecký.

Design Lab judge Henrik Otto seeks fresh perspectives on design mobility

Months of sweat, tears and whittled down design tools come to a head this week at the Electrolux Design Lab 2011 finals, where eight finalists’ concepts selected from over 1,300 entries worldwide will be showcased and judged. At stake is 5,000 euros and a six-month internship with an Electrolux global design center.