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Save time and money with these restaurant tips

Homemakers with families to feed can sometimes feel like a short-order cook at meal times. From family members craving their favourite foods to having to balance a child’s diet, taking shortcuts with packaged and frozen foods can be inevitable.

Tips for achieving gluten-free living

Having a low tolerance for gluten – as 1 in 133 people do – or simply trying to cut gluten from your diet can be a frustrating process. The protein, which gives elasticity to dough, is found in many staple foods like pasta and pizza and also in many processed items like ketchup, instant coffee and candy bars.

A glutten-free diet comes with certain benefits such as helping to promote energy levels and digestive health. But going on a gluten-free diet, or one with less gluten doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy full, tasty meals. Here are some ways to ease the transition.

Easter brunch the easy way

One of the most important seasons in the Christian calendar, Eastertide or Easter season lasts for 50 days from the day of Easter. The Sunday after each Easter is celebrated as a Sunday of Easter until the 50 days are up.