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Welcome touches for a great guest room

When you have guests staying over for the night, a few touches to the room they’re staying in can make it feel like their home away from home. You don’t have to roll out the red carpet – just a few extra touches can make your home feel extra welcoming.

Losing weight the Asian way

Many Asian countries are known for their slim, svelte populations despite the proliferation of fast food restaurants and processed foods on the continent. The key to maintaining their figures may lie in their lifestyles and diets, with each country having their own unique practices or foods that help promote a trim waistline.

The quick guide to chili crab in the region

Ask a Singaporean about their national dish, and chances are good that the answer will be “chili crab”. Sweet, savoury and spicy all at once, this unique dish has gained popularity around and beyond the region.

How to tell when your coffee is counterfeit

With rare coffees like the famed Kopi Luwak commanding hundreds of dollars per kilogram, industries trying to manufacture and sell counterfeits have started to pop up around the world.

Brewing up the most expensive coffee beans in the world

These are not your normal cuppas. These rare and expensive coffees are not found in just any neighbourhood coffee shop, primarily due to their cost. But if you do get your hands on a fresh packet, you’ll get the best flavour and drinking experience by preparing them the right way.

Enjoy a better day with the right cereal mix

Brightly-coloured and catchy cereals may seem more appealing, but the primary ingredients of their allure tend to be sugar, food colouring and surprisingly, sodium.