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Infuse your interior decorations with Swedish charm

Sweden is possibly best known worldwide for its unique design spirit and philosophy. From world-famous appliance manufacturers like Electrolux to furniture makers like Ikea, and the hugely popular fashion chain H&M; Swedish-designed products have found their way into the hearts of consumers and households the world over.

5 simple tips to living a more sustainable life

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword. It’s a way of life that minimises the impact on the environment, and looks at creating the least amount of waste from whatever is consumed or used. Sustainable living creates a cycle that can be repeated without cumulative damage or harm to the world around us. For example, a sustainable material is one that is created or gathered in a way that doesn’t damage its environment, pollute the air or reduce the supply of resources permanently.

Greener ‘Whites’ for your home and the environment

Eco-friendly, green, sustainability. These terms have been tossed around by the world’s media and numerous organisations for a while now. Green messages and initiatives are everywhere these days. From organic foods to recycling, hybrid cars to eco-towns, people, businesses and even governments are all rallying behind the environment.