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Washing in a designer look for your jeans

It’s summer and those blue jeans in your wardrobe doesn’t quite have the faded down casual look you’re hoping for. The good news is you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to get a new designer pair. With a bit of ingenuity and help from your trusty washing machine, here are some tricks on creating that stone wash effect at home

Tips for keeping your favourite T-shirt in tip top shape

If there’s one item everyone’s wardrobe has in common, it’s the humble T-shirt. It’s convenient, comfortable, and can carry messages you wouldn’t countenance on other types of clothing.

A quick guide to keeping your whites, white

Well cut white shirts, snazzy tees and simple dresses are fantastic and versatile additions to any wardrobe. Not to mention that they are literally cooler to wear in hot weather, since darker colours tend to absorb more heat.