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Three reasons to celebrate the King’s birthday in Thailand

The world’s longest-serving head of state, Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej, celebrates his birthday on 5 December. And he is so beloved that his birthday has been declared his country’s national day.

Cooking authentic Nasi Lemak at home

Its name may literally mean “oily or fatty rice”, but the rich, satiating joy of a plate of Nasi Lemak is beloved by Malaysians and Singaporeans everywhere.

The 101 on Nonya cooking

Sometime in the 15th century, Chinese migrants settled in British Malaya (or Malaysia and Singapore today) and Indonesia. Their descendants through marriage with local Malays became known as Peranakans.

The quick guide to throwing a World Cup Finals party at home

No matter who gets into the World Cup Finals this weekend, soccer fans are sure to tune in. And there’s no better way to cheer on a favourite team than with a party of friends. Here are some easy tips to throw a simple screening party for your best mates.