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Practise the science of molecular cooking in your own kitchen

Molecular gastronomy or molecular cuisine describes a style of cooking where chefs combine tools from the lab with food ingredients to create innovative new dishes. Hot gelatins, spherical ravioles and crab ice cream are just some of the creations inventive chefs have come up with using this unique cooking method.

The gourmet’s guide to ordering coffee

“I’ll have a tall half-skinny half-one percent extra hot split quad shot latte with whip.”

Ordering coffee these days can be a bit of an art, with savvy coffee drinkers dictating their preferences down to the number of shots of espresso or pumps of caramel they want in their drink. If a regular coffee with milk and sugar no longer cuts it for you, here’s a quick guide to sounding like an expert at the café – and how to recreate the drink at home.

Delicious Asian coffee mixes with unlikely ingredients

There’s more than one way to brew up a delicious cuppa in the morning. While most people go with milk and sugar, others have found other delectable ways to enjoy a great cup of java. Here are some unique ways people in Asia enjoy their coffee.

Sweet and sticky endings to the Lunar New Year

The official public holidays for the Lunar New Year may only be for a few days, the but traditional celebrations will go on for a while yet.