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Quick guidelines for potluck dishes

Potluck gatherings are a godsend for hosts who need to share the load of cooking for a large group. But it can be stressful if you’re not particularly adept in the culinary arts and aren’t sure what to make. Here are a few tips for potluck dishes that can help ensure you turn up with a dish that isn’t going back home with you.

Spices that add an extra oomph to dessert

Bored of sickly sweet endings to your meals? Try adding spices or savoury herbs to them.

Three unique egg recipes from Asia

Tired of having plain old fried or boiled eggs with your meals? Asia is too, which is probably why it has a bunch of variants on this popular breakfast item. From eggs infused in tea and spices, to eggs preserved in clay, wood ash, quicklime and salt for months before consumption, Asia’s where it’s at when it comes to eggs with a difference.

DIY a last minute Valentine’s celebration

Valentine’s Day is coming, and you don’t have a plan in place for that special someone. Fear not, for it doesn’t take much to put together a romantic night at home. And better yet, it doesn’t involve burning a hole in your bank account. Here are some ideas for putting together a last minute Valentine’s Day celebration.