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Enhance the flavours in food the healthier way

Living in a world filled with processed foods has introduced more sodium to our diets than is necessary – or healthy. This could explain why findings from the recent Electrolux Asia Pacific Food Survey 2012 found that over 70% of respondents in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines worried over the use of salt in home cooking.

Five natural ways to boost your child’s immune system

Children are exposed to an endless array of germs and viruses every day in their daily lives, be it from the environment, their friends or animals. While getting sick as a child is part of the body’s process to build up an inexperienced immune system, it doesn’t hurt to give his or her immune system a boost. Here are some natural ways to do so.

Four tips that encourage “green” eating

In a world where potato chips, fried chicken and candy exist, it can be hard to get children to eat their greens. Given that a healthy, balanced diet means that one third of our meals should consist of fruits and vegetables, the mission to feed them right can be quite a challenge. Here are some handy ideas to get your kids more excited about their greens.