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Microwave don’ts – what not to put in the oven

While microwaves like the Electrolux EMS3067X can cook just about everything and anything, from blanching vegetables to brownies in a mug, there are just some things that shouldn’t go in one. Here’s a list of the biggest no-nos.

Living life for longevity

How does one get to see their 100th birthday? If you ask those who have achieved a truly ripe old age, their answers can be as surprising as they are varied.

Baking quick and tasty snacks in a microwave

When it comes to creating quick and tasty foods, don’t discount using the microwave oven. This much maligned appliance has rarely been associated with the creation of great dishes, but that can change with a bit of creativity and knowhow. Here are some ideas for deliciously easy snacks you can bake using just a microwave like the Electrolux EMS3067X, whose five power settings can easily bake or cook any of the recipes below.

Cook in stages with a microwave for perfect results

Microwave ovens are one of the most versatile cooking appliances one can have in the kitchen. Which other cooking device can claim to defrost and cook foods as diverse as blanched spinach and potato chips?

Making an Egg-tra special surprise this Easter

This weekend, different cultures around the world will celebrate Easter. While each country may have their own traditions to celebrate on 8 April, the egg remains central to most of these Easter traditions.