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Slicing meat right for better cooking

Slicing a piece of meat the right way is an important first step to getting a tender, juicy result. All meat is muscle, and in the case of larger animals like cows, they are responsible for moving a huge mass. These muscles have long string of muscle cells known as fibres, which are about the width of a human hair.

Exercise & eat smarter to keep those pounds off – here’s how!

Spending hours on the treadmill may not be the best way to go about dropping those pounds from your waistline. Studies show that while exercising may burn calories, the body may respond with a lower resting metabolic rate and increased hunger to replace those calories.

Five pleasure foods that you can’t stop eating

There’s a reason why humans have come up with the term “emotional eating”. For better or worse, food is tied to our moods and feelings, and the cravings that come on suddenly for comfort foods actually feed our brains’ pleasure centre more than our stomachs.

Three common mistakes to avoid when cooking with your oven

You’ve followed the recipe to a T, and you have the perfect oven for the dish. Yet your cakes or roasts just aren’t coming out right. Here are three common mistakes home chefs make while cooking with the oven and tips on how to avoid them.