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The beginner’s guide to cutting cheese right

A cheese plate can be one of the easiest appetisers to serve, so why spoil it with sloppy presentation? On the other hand, cutting into a perfect, pristine wedge of cheese on a beautiful platter can be slightly intimidating for guests. Here are some tips to make the experience enjoyable for everyone.

Pairing beers to enhance desserts

The next time you’re handed the drinks list with your dessert menu, don’t skip over the beer section.

Beer pairings for popular Valentine’s Day foods

It’s the time of year for romance, and few things say “I love you” better than a personalised meal catering to your significant other’s tastes.

A new look at the Margarine vs. Butter debate

Margarine has been feted for a generation as a healthier substitute for butter. But is it really? A recent review by researchers in the British Medical Journal may indicate otherwise.

Dishing out the perfect cheese platter

Whether it’s a dinner party or a small gathering of friends, a cheese platter can be a versatile appetiser, dessert or a snack to go with drinks.

Tips for using a Himalayan salt plate

The use of Himalayan salt plates in cooking is gaining popularity in recent years after appearing on the popular cooking tv show Iron Chef. Sourced and cut from natural salt deposits in the Himalays, these pink, mineral-rich slabs are loved for its ability to impart a delicate saltiness to food cooked or served on it.

The quick guide to refrigerator symbols

Modern refrigerators like the Electrolux EQE6307SA come with a powerful and versatile set of features that enhance our food storage options as well as operation efficiency. And with them come new operating symbols:

Dress up your dishes like a pro

Make your meals a true feast for the senses. While taste and smell are important, the visuals play a big part in completing a great dining experience for the family and guests.