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Boiling great soups – with a rice cooker

Contrary to its name, rice isn’t the only thing you can cook with a rice cooker. The basic function of the cooker is to heat up and boil liquids to a set temperature, then keep its contents warm at a consistent temperature.

Foods that help with blood sugar management

Balancing our glucose or sugar levels is a critical factor in maintaining our health and preventing heart disease. High blood sugar levels are caused by overconsumption of rich, sugary and fatty foods, and can lead to diabetes and damage to the heart in the long term. Fortunately, eating to regulate your blood sugar comes with a host of other benefits, such as weight loss and higher, more consistent energy levels.

How the GI index can help you live a better life

Carbohydrates are a daily diet staple for most of us, even though they have been singled out in recent times as the main culprit of weight gain. At a fundamental level, they affect our blood sugar (or glucose) which regulates our energy levels and the type of ‘carb’ can also determine how quickly we become hungry again after eating. But are carbs really bad for us?

Rice varieties for multi-cultural dinners

For many people, rice is a daily staple that goes well with almost any dish or cuisine when cooked right. Finding the right one to perfectly complement a dish however can be an art.

The secret alternative uses of rice cookers

Before the invention of the rice cooker, preparing this staple was a simple but time-consuming affair. Having an appliance that automatically brings rice to a boil, senses when to reduce it to a simmer then keep the result warm has saved many homemakers time and countless headaches over the years.

Quick tips for cooking brown rice

Brown rice has much to offer for the health conscious. Containing several layers of wholesome bran, it has more nutrients, vitamins and protein than its polished white counterpart. In addition, it contains more magnesium, fibre and oil that helps to reduce LDL or “bad” cholesterol. It also has a high glycemic index, which means it digests more slowly and keeps us from feeling hungry for longer.

Breakfast tips to start your day right

While most of us have been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, quite a number of us still end up skipping it.

Four Asian cures for the morning after

Whether it’s soju, sake or baijiu, consuming too much leads to the same result – the hangover – no matter where you reside. Fortunately, if you are in Asia, there are a few traditional remedies that can provide some much needed relief.

Three unique egg recipes from Asia

Tired of having plain old fried or boiled eggs with your meals? Asia is too, which is probably why it has a bunch of variants on this popular breakfast item. From eggs infused in tea and spices, to eggs preserved in clay, wood ash, quicklime and salt for months before consumption, Asia’s where it’s at when it comes to eggs with a difference.